3. Boxing The Way It Used to Be and Needs to Be

This is the type of fight fans beg for. Two undefeated fighters in the prime of their careers fighting the best in their weight class. After being subject to constant retreads of old vs. young, the prospect vs. the has-been, the franchise vs. a tomato can, we get the best vs. the best. Oh yes and it is free. Fans are not being duped into buying some outrageous pay-per-view telecast. The fight will air on CBS for free. This is the first time in nearly 40 years that a fight of this caliber is being shown on free television. Those old enough to remember, can recall how this used to be the rule and not the exception. This is what boxing needs more of and for one Saturday night were getting it.

4. The Outcome

During a pre-fight conference call Keith Thurman summarize it best when he said “the winner of this fight is going to be the man of 147 division. Lately, the welterweight division, whoever is at the top of 147, kind of has been the face of boxing and it is due to Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and things of that nature…147 is a tremendous weight class and the winner of this fight is going to get a little bit of what I call ‘spotlight priority’. They’re going to step up into the world of boxing. They’re going to get talked about a lot more.” Thurman hit the nail on the head, the welterweight division is prime real estate in boxing and a unified title holder is like having the nicest place on the block.

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