Jerry Castanos dreams in 3-D — printing that is. The 29-year-old Dominican from New York City’s Washington Heights had aspirations that every chronic entrepreneur holds, but with a twist. He wanted to start a business that would transform his barrio into “early adapters” of an emerging technology. His printing store, 3D Heights, is the culmination of that dream.

How It Works

Touted as the “next big thing” 3-D printing is a process of building a three dimensional object from a digital model. “It’s not complicated: a hot glue gun controlled by a little robot pushes glue out; the computer tells the [gun] where to go,” explained Castanos. All you need is a modeling file, which you can download from the web or create yourself by learning how to use the software. “The technology is simple and the application is great,” he says. A person with no experience can construct “anything from puppets to medical devices.” The technology has the potential to be a game changer for people’s wallets or a small businesses’ bottom line. “A 3-D printed prosthetic can cost $100; if you need a specialized tool from a hardware store you can make a replica…it ends up saving money.”

Jerry Castanos of 3D Printing Set

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