November 26, 2020

Beating the Heat

The guayabera is perfect for the sizzling months, but there are other ways you can embrace this Latin style and kick humidity to the curb. For starters, avoid overheating by choosing light, earthy tones over darker colors, which absorb heat. More importantly, always check what materials your guayabera is made of. “Make sure that it’s from natural fibers, not polyester,” advises Wilson Davalos, Editor-in-Chief at, a men’s online shopping website. “They are meant to cool you off in the sweltering Caribbean heat.” While silk can feel soft to the touch, it doesn’t always breathe well. A pure linen shirt is always the most fashionable choice, but budget conscious shoppers may be turned off by dry cleaning, a requirement for maintaining this particular fabric. Consider choosing a cotton blend, which is less expensive and requires minimal ironing.


Quick Facts

  • July 1st is recognized as “Dia De La Guayabera” in Cuba.
  • The guayabera is also Cuba’s national garment.
  • In Miami, the guayabera is considered “official city attire.”
  • Another Cuban legend claims that pockets were reportedly added to the shirt so that the wearer could carry tobacco.
  • In 2003, couture men’s fashion designer Perry Ellis released their take of the guayabera.

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