Networking, networking, networking. People often say that it’s not what you know, but who you know that makes all the difference. Some might find this incorrect, some might make it the core of their career progression. For men of color, meritocracy sometimes is certainly a myth. But one thing is for sure. No matter where on the career ladder you find yourself or put yourself, networking will always be a valuable skill.

But in this online world, it can be hard to simply enjoy smooth-talking to put yourself into any position that you please. Sometimes simply being related to someone isn’t enough. Becoming a networking wizard is a transferable skill that will often translate from job to job you have, or better yet, help you in your own career efforts.

But of course, like most business skills, this does not simply happen overnight. It takes time for this to bloom, and for you to enjoy more hits than misses. Thankfully, we have collected some advice to help you benefit in your efforts of networking, and find out just how far it could truly take you. Consider:

Your Online Presence

It’s essential to keep a careful online presence. Opening your profiles and keeping them professional and connected is the first step. You might open an Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook account,  and any other platforms you feel necessary should be included. Just be careful as to what is posted there, and be sure to connect with others in your industry. Twitter can be an excellent way to begin. Replying to people’s posts adding onto a thought they have or discussing it with them is a great way to gain familiarity, and to develop a better sense of who the movers and shakers are. This way you at least get your name out there.

Expos & Networking Events

Of course, the next step is to attend expos and a range of other potential event offerings. This can help you submerge yourself in the culture, and become much more familiar with that going on around you. You never know, you might end up making friends that you hadn’t considered possible to make. It can be quite scary seeing someone’s professional presence online, but getting involved and speaking to them in person at their trade show display might help you see the person behind the profession. Of course, we’re not suggesting you simply try and falsely infiltrate yourself into the friendship groups of those who might help you out. But it can’t hurt to connect, to appreciate what they are doing and show that which you have brought, and exchange contact information.

Understand Marketing

Networking is simply another form of marketing, meaning that understanding the marketing basics could truly help your brand shine much more than you may consider possible. Following an IMC graduate program, attending workshops, and reading case studies of success could help you remain in contact with the modern marketing and networking techniques, helping you apply yourself in the most updated manner.

With these tips, you’re sure to become a networking wizard.

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