August 16, 2022

Styles Make Fights

Aside from the dramatic elements, those who know boxing know that styles make fights. Put simply Mayweather has the style to dominate, frustrate and eliminate Maidana handily. He’s not only a technically supreme boxer, he’s pound-for-pound the best right now. Maidana has trouble against slick boxers. Although he roughed up Broner, there were moments in the fight where Broner clearly out-boxed Maidana and won a number of rounds, so imagine what Mayweather can do. Aside from technique Mayweather is also one of the most well conditioned boxers in the game today. His training and preparation are legendary. Why mention this? Because its what allows him to withstand even a talented opponent mounting an offense that will have any significant impact in a bout. And a significant offense is what Maidana will need.

Maidana is a puncher and he’ll need that punch to have any chance. To win Maidana will need to try and rough up Mayweather, make it a street fight and catch Mayweather with a knockout punch or at the very least stun him several times over several rounds. Is it possible? Sure. Is it likely? Not so much. One wild card to watch for is that Maidana is most dangerous when he’s hurt. But we’re sure it’s a variable the Money Team is aware of.

End Game

We see Mayweather pitching a shut out here and winning most, if not all, of the 12 rounds, thus cruising to a unanimous decision. Now onto the bigger matters: Pleeeaaaase bring on Pacquiao!

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