Who doesn’t like a good mashup? Freddie vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator, Batman v. Superman and the list goes on. From El Cucuy to La Llorona, we thought it a good time to compare some of the scarier myths and legends that have become a part of this beautiful Latino culture we were raised on.

El Cucuy vs. La Chupacabra

Origins & Myths
To most El Cucuy is a Mexican myth where it was said that a shape-shifting demon would kidnap disobedient young children and eat them alive. Matter of fact there’s even a nursery rhyme to remind children that El Cucuy has the kind of appetite for children that would put Jared Fogle to shame. And that’s saying something.

The Chupacabra legend began in Puerto Rico more than a decade ago when numerous goats were found completely drained of their blood with nothing more than a few puncture wounds on their torsos.

Threat to…
El Cucuy: Children who disobey authority and stay up past their bedtime. In other words had Justin Beiber been born in Mexico he wouldn’t have made it past his 18th birthday because either the Cucuy would’ve gotten him or a drug cartel.
La Chupacabra: Goats and cows. But then again what Latino isn’t a threat to a goat or a cow. We eat everything that’s raised on a farm.

With El Cucuy having a better chance of making it onto To Catch A Predator, I would have to say it’s a lot scarier than anything that feeds on goat or cow blood.

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