Cinco De Mayo is a proud day for those of Mexican descent. It commemorates the day that Mexico’s militia unexpectedly made the French’s military forces fall back and retreat to the land of toast, wine and fries. In other words, Cinco De Mayo is Mexico’s day of celebrating some chancletasos handed out to some kids who just didn’t know who they were messing with.

In a day and age where misconceptions about cultural celebrations and traditions are all the rage, Cinco De Mayo went from being a badass holiday to just another “Latin thing” that white folks tend to have fun with and observe without even knowing the reason behind it.

Well it’s about to be that time of the year and it’s only right that ‘LLERO educate the uninitiated (i.e. white folks) on what the day represents and debunk what they might’ve thought it was all about. Please take notes to avoid public embarrassment.

It’s Not National Latino Day

Yes, we all share Brown Pride and are all brothers at arms, but just because it’s a holiday that’s pronounced in Spanish doesn’t mean all Latinos celebrate it. Just like all people of European descent don’t celebrate Assumption Day, but being that this list is even being made you’d think that they do. For the record, the only holiday all Latinos celebrate at the same time is the weekend.

It Doesn’t Commemorate The Day The First Latinos Migrated to the US

How in the world would we even know who the first Latinos to immigrate to the US were anyhow? It’s not like it’s scribbled on the walls of a Mayan pyramids. That said…


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