February 5, 2023

Denise Quinones Ruidos & Silencios Album Cover

The new album might feel familiar to some. If Sade were to release an all-Spanish language album, this is probably what it would sound like. The sultry smoothness of Denise’s voice is undeniable and each canción is made with lovers in mind. The first single, “No Soy Sin Ti,” is a romantic, R&B tinged slow jam that discusses the deep and intimate connections between two loving souls. It’s a track made for candle-lit dinners and midnight make-out sessions.

Denise’s latest project fits her well. She displays her range, groove and ambition and puts them all to good use. I converse with Denise and we talk about her past lives and her next act as a singing siren.

‘LLERO: Saludos, como estas?
Denise: Bien gracias, todo bien.

‘LLERO: I want to begin by asking you about your desire to be in pageants. Was it something you knew you wanted to do since childhood?
Denise: Well, not particularly. I was a ballerina at the age of seven and turned professional by the time I was 12. A friend of the family said I should go into modeling so I decided to do it, but I never took it seriously. Dancing was my passion.

‘LLERO: When did you start competing in pageants?
Denise: I was 18-years-old.

‘LLERO: Being in pageants can be demanding. Did you truly enjoy it?
Denise: Yes, because I had fun doing it. My parents weren’t the kind to add pressure. If I wanted to do it great, but if I didn’t [want to] that was ok too. Ultimately, the decision was up to me and I believe that is the healthiest route to take when dealing with a developing adolescent.

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