Daniel Jacobs hosted a conference call in the lead up to his unification bout with Canelo Alvarez on Cinco de Mayo weekend in Las Vegas. While most media attention has focused on Canelo, Daniel Jacobs is not to be taken lightly. Jacobs touched on a number of matters, from the weaknesses he sees in Canelo, fighting on Cinco De Mayo weekend and while it’s a big fight in his career, it’s not the biggest fight of his life.

On Canelo’s Weaknesses…

Danny Jacobs:

“I think ultimately what I took [away] from the [Mayweather] fight is how uneducated Canelo’s feet work are. He’s great as far as offensive — coming forward as much as punches and bunches and especially his body shots, but a moving target, he really has a hard time with. Looking to exploit some of those things come fight night, as well.

But I was simply looking at his knees and how he’s been having trouble with his knees and trouble with issues as far as guys being athletes, pure athletes inside the ring. So, I’m looking to exploit some of those things and I know that he’s going to, you know, bring the best that he can bring, but it’s inevitable to overlook some of his flaws. And for my team, we’ve created not only Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, but a few game plans to exploit Canelo’s weaknesses.”

On Who Is The Bigger Hitter

Danny Jacobs:

“Oh, I think I’m the bigger hitter. I definitely think I’m the stronger fighter, yeah.”

On Fighting on Cinco De Mayo Weekend…

Danny Jacobs:

“I’m super grateful. Cinco de Mayo is definitely one of the biggest boxing events that is. So, to be a part of that, especially against one of the biggest stars, arguably the biggest star in boxing, is just icing on the cake for me. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Getting to in there and be a part of the big of the event and I feel like all is at stake. There’s so much at stake with this fight, as well. I cannot only become the best middleweight in the world, but a future potential Hall of Famer in this fight, as well, pound-for-pound, etc., however you want to view it. There’s so much that I can gain from this fight on such a big weekend.

I’m looking forward to giving the fans ultimately a great show. Looking to prove that I am the best and enjoying all of this weekend or the weekend of the fight, the lead-up to the fight. I’m a fan of the sport of boxing, so to be a part of it is a blessing for me.”

On Fighting on the Big Stage…

Danny Jacobs:

“It’s the biggest platform that you can be in in boxing. It can be really, really nerve-wrecking for the faint of heart but for someone who has the experience in the past, maybe not of this magnitude because the main goal, but very similar, were the past couple fights that I’ve had that have been huge fights and fights where, you know, I was predicted to lose or that, you know, that it couldn’t go my way and I prevailed.

So that mental battle to me is already — it’s passed me and I’ve gained experience from it and for this fight, I’m just looking to go in there and put the physical together to accomplish my goals.”

Yet, perhaps, Jacobs trainer, Andre Rozier best answered the question. Given that Daniel Jacobs is a cancer survivor, Rozier opined on the magnitude of the event, compared to what Jacobs has successfully battled in the past.

Andre Rozier:

“As always, we come from a neighborhood that defines you in surviving, being strong, taking no short, and this is how Danny has basically been living his life. And when there’s a conflict that he has to face, he rises to the occasion.

And he’s been places that none of us ever will — and I pray, not have to visit, but he has been very successful in his battle.

So when you fight the hardest fight that you ever can fight in your life, I’m sorry to say but these events don’t add up. Danny has been through the worst that anybody could be through, and this is just common fodder and Danny is going to once again rise to the occasion.”

In our companion piece, we covered Canelo fielding similar questions, we noted Canelo’s focus and how important that would be given that Daniel Jacobs is unlike any opponent he’s ever faced. Know you know why?

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