November 29, 2020

‘LL: So how did the both of you get involved with the film?
Jon: It actually kind of started with me. As you know, this movement is monstrous in Mexico. We were having a press conference and [the filmmakers] Alex and Ian were there. I could tell immediately that they were planting the seeds of a film idea. Afterwards, they introduced themselves to me and I introduced them to Shocker.

Shocker: Yes, I met Alex and Ian in Mexico. They asked me to help out. I could tell they had a big vision from the beginning. They said they wanted to make Lucha Libre even bigger than it is already.

Lucha Mexico - Bluedemonjr_headlock

‘LL: What are you hoping that moviegoers will take away from Lucha Mexico?
Shocker: I just really hope that people enjoy it. I hope they come and see the Mexican Lucha experience for themselves. It also would be nice for it to kick start my Hollywood career! All kidding aside, I just want people to understand what Lucha Libre is all about. I’ve been doing this for 22 years and I want to see it go big in the states.

Jon: I think this could be a real eye opener for Hispanics in America. If they have never been to a Lucha show in Mexico, it’s a totally different experience. You can’t even begin to describe it. Bottom line: For someone who has not put their butt into a seat at a true Lucha Libre show, that needs to be a priority and this movie will make them want to do it.

So does Lucha Mexico live up to its stars’ hype? Indeed it does. Surprisingly though, not for the reasons you’d expect. Sure there are pile-driving stunt scenes and deafening crowd chants, but outweighing them are poignant moments of aging athletes trying to keep up with industry demands. Even more tragic is the profile of El Hijo del Perro, whose passion for wrestling ultimately cost him his life. And though Shocker and Strongman were all smiles during our interview, Lucha illustrates a lifestyle that has clearly taken its toll on them as well.

So, as Jon so appropriately put during our interview, get your “butt into a movie seat” and peep Lucha Mexico today. For a sneak peak check out the trailer below.

Showtimes and download info are all available on the film’s official site.

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