August 18, 2022

Today, Tanja and Jorge travel the globe performing, teaching Bachata, and building up the brand through events and by forming Island Touch dance teams around the world. Island Touch is also responsible for the annual BachaTu International Bachata Festival held during the last weekend of May in the Dominican Republic. Only two years in, the festival has already become a must-attend event, which has seen musical performances from big names such as, “El Torito” Hector Acosta, Luis Vargas and the legendary Luis Segura.

‘LLERO caught up with “Ataca” and “La Alemana” to get you some knowhow on dancing Bachata, and to clue you in on what the ladies expect from you on the dance floor. BACHATEA…TEA…TEA!

Moves To Know According To Ataca

1. Side-To-Side Basics
This is one-two-three-tap to the right, one-two-three-tap to your left – you can count sequentially to six if you like. There is also the Forward And Back Basics, which is just one-two-three-tap forward, one-two-three-tap back. According to Ataca, “You can technically live off that and be good to go. That’s one of the beauties of Bachata!”

2. Turns
“Some people don’t like turning, some people do,” he said. You have your left turns and your right turns for both the men and women. The male turns the female, however, REMEMBER THIS – the dama never turns the ‘LLERO. He simply turns himself.

3. Connect With Your Partner
“Where the sexy comes in is with the connection,” Ataca explained. “You have this window where you can get close. Not too close — there’s obviously a fine line,” he added. You can also blow your dance partner a kiss or bite your lips seductively. But, don’t be creepy. You want to be cool about it.

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