August 16, 2022

Davey Moore, June 16, 1983, Madison Square Garden, New York City

It was three years since No Mas and Duran was in need of a comeback. Yet, his efforts had mixed results. He had lost (Wilfredo Benitez and Kirkland Laing) and won (Pipino Cuevas and Jimmy Batten) a few more fights since the second Leonard bout, but Davey Moore signaled a defining moment for Duran. A loss would relegate him to journeyman, however, a win would help him regain stature. Duran did more than just win. In shape, quicker and the aggressive Duran of old, the Panamanian took charge from the opening round. Dictating the pace, dominating the seemingly bigger and stronger Moore. He quickly established a body attack, but landed a telling blow at the end of round one, which some say was more thumb than fist, it caused Moore’s eye to swell and Duran would target it as the fight wore on. By round seven the outcome was obvious. Moore had little left and Duran was taking him apart. At the end of the round Duran connected with a huge overhand right that finally sent Moore to the canvas. Moore rose and came out for round eight, however, Moore had enough and his corner threw in the towel. The victory gave Duran a title in a third weight class, but more importantly, had restored his name. To many the disgrace of ‘No mas’ was finally in the past. Marvin Hagler was in the audience that night and took notice. So much so, Duran became his next opponent.

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