August 19, 2022

Humbling Floyd Mayweather

Rarely would you see a loss become a career highlight. However, in the case of Olympian from Puerto Rico, an argument can be made that his 12 round unanimous decision defeat against Floyd Mayweather was indeed that.

The two met on Cinco de Mayo weekend in 2012, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. During the fight, Cotto established himself as the fight’s aggressor, yet a crafty Mayweather employed effective counter-punching and body movement to mute attacks. Mayweather was not entirely successful in this approach, through nine rounds the action was close. With Mayweather bleeding from the nose and in more trouble than ever. At this point in the fight Cotto actually appeared to be ahead. Ultimately Mayweather managed to adjust to Cotto’s rhythm of attacking. He used counter-punching style to win the final three rounds and secure a victory. But, Mayweather and the world was put on notice. If you send for Miguel Cotto, he will answer the call. When they hugged at the end, Mayweather told Cotto, “You are a hell of a champion — the toughest guy I fought.” An assertion which Mayweather makes to this day. The fight got Cotto an entirely new level of appreciation and respect.

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