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Ihate to be the bearer of bad news, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that the era of the wingman is nearing its end while the age of the wingwoman is half-past dawn. Nowadays having a wingwoman in the crew has become as common a practice as having a European sharpshooter on an NBA team. Why? Simply because every squad needs a secret weapon to laydown the groundwork so that when a player decides to put on the full-court press on the opposite it’ll make their game that much more effective. Now, if you don’t have a wingwoman by your side when you step out and into those social gatherings here’s a few reasons that might have you reconsidering the company that you keep in the club.

1. They Can Spot The Red Flags You Can’t
There is not a single man reading this that hasn’t slipped up and picked up a woman whose roots can be traced back to a tree because you thought she was nuts. Women have a sixth sense about who a woman really is under the mascara and push-up bras and can alert you to any potential danger lurking in the outskirts of the club. Whether a woman is a potential Alex Forrest or Ginger McKenna, they’ll let you know to pump the breaks before going down that road. But remember that “crazy” means different things to different people. So chose your wingwoman wisely.

2. They Can Build You Up
You can pat yourself on the back during a conversation all you want – and look like a douche while doing so – but if you really want to sell yourself to a potential suitor then have your trusty wingwoman do it. A good wingwoman can spin your personality traits in ways that’ll convince a lady that you look like William Levy on the inside even if you’re more like young Don Francisco on the outside.

3. They Can Give You Proper Advice On How To Approach Specific Women
Wingwomen are basically coaches and trainers when you need them to be. They’ll be in your corner giving you advice and tips on what they feel may be the proper way to approach the woman that has caught your ever wandering eye. They can pick up the details that can make a huge difference when you open up dialogue like bringing up the subject of the lack of organic foods at the place you’re at with a woman who’s an obvious hipster.

4. They Can Clean Up Your Verbal Mess
Men, we tend to put our foot in our mouths more times than we care to admit. Especially after downing a few shots of liquid courage in a social setting. Well have no fear, Wingwoman is here… to clean up your word vomit with follow-ups like, “What he really meant to say is that women shouldn’t put on cheap makeup while driving because it may drip in their eyes, thus, making it so they can’t drive very well.” Get my drift.



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