As the colder and darker days descend and the holiday season commences, this can be a challenging month to focus on taking care of yourself. With parranda invites, coquito tastings and everyone’s year end rush at work. Well, good habits can slip and winter germs abound. Holiday health can be a challenge. This is why we are sharing three ways to look after your body this month. 


Make Time for Rest and Relaxation 

This is the one that warrants the reminder this month, as this is rarely a month of rest and relaxation. You are likely to be burning the candle at both ends and dashing around making plans and preparations. 

One way to ensure holiday health. Aim to get a few early nights in, scattered throughout the month and try not to cram your diary with activities every single day over the weekends. A slow day once in a while can make all the difference. You can have a lazy start to the day and relax around your home, with no need to be dashing off somewhere. 


Focus on Your Nutrition

We know that we need to eat and drink well, yet it can be so easy to slip into bad habits, particularly at this time of year. We would not want to suggest that you don’t enjoy yourself over the holidays, but it is worth being mindful of your nutrition this month.

Our first suggestion would be to drink plenty of water every day, around six to eight glasses ideally. This is a really simple way of looking after yourself, so do prioritize this one. Aim to always keep a glass or bottle at your side throughout the day and refill it as soon as you empty it. When water is at hand, you are likely to drink it just because it is there, so work to form this habit. 

You should then seek to up your fruit and vegetable intake and work on eating a balanced diet for the month. If you are struggling to do this, you might like to try a meal plan system, such as Nutrisystem for men, to help you keep on track.


Get Out and About 

It can be so tempting to stay indoors through the colder months, but we would recommend that you do make the effort to get out and about.

You should aim to continue with your usual fitness routine where possible, and then ensure that you are getting outside frequently, particularly during daylight hours. So many of us go to work while it is dark and then return home in the dark at this time of year, that we need to make the extra effort to be out in the sunlight. It is essential that we get our vitamin D fix this way, so take a lunchtime stroll or head outdoors over the weekend. 

You might choose to cycle around your neighborhood, take your dog for a lovely long walk or stroll around the town taking in all of the festive decorations. Moving about is good for us and getting out into the fresh air is great for our mental health along with our physical well being. 

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