September 24, 2020

V-Neck, Scoop and Henley

Other variations include the v-neck cut, a wider scoop neck cut and the button closure anchored Henley. The v-neck and scoop necks feature plunging necklines that vary in size so it is prudent to choose a cut that compliments the frame of your chest and shoulders. The Henley is traditionally a long sleeve shirt making it ideal for layering in the fall and winter seasons.

Undershirt Purchasing

Most undershirts are made of knitted cotton to provide a lightweight feel that is soft to the touch and will not make layers appear bulky. Silk weight cotton and wool blends are preferred for colder weather. Other materials are also available to accommodate different settings. For an active lifestyle you can’t go wrong with a polyester mesh blend. This fabric is sweat absorbent and allows your body to breathe during strenuous activity or high intensity exercise.

When making an undershirt purchase, quality should be your initial consideration. There are more than several no-frills substitutes available at lower prices but as with any category of shopping – you get what you pay for. We suggest sticking with reputable brands such as Hanes, Fruit of the Loom and American Apparel who are synonymous with men’s under garments. Simply follow the care instructions and avoid any excessive stretching of the neckline to keep your undershirts in fighting shape.

Undershirt Maintenance – Yellow is not Mellow

We’re sure you are one of the millions of men who have experienced yellow armpit stains on your undershirts. The reaction between anti-perspirant ingredients and the salts in your sweat is the cause. Most anti-perspirants contain aluminum which reduces wetness. The same chemical that keeps you dry also build’s-up and causes yellowing on fabrics. So how do you prevent this or at least prolong the outset to get more shelf life out of your tees?

Switch to an aluminum-free deodorant, such as Adidas Deodorant for men. Plus, read the labels and you’ll find that anti-perspirants have varying levels of aluminum compounds. Choose a brand with the lowest aluminum content that provides the protection you need. In addition, not unlike cologne, after you apply your smell fresh formula let it dry before dressing so it won’t smear on to your undershirt.

Bottom lime, the undershirt should be embraced and not overlooked as it can provide function, comfort and style – a trifecta if you ask us.

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