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After ten years of hard work, Ignacio’s “curiosity” led him to The Wedding Ringer, a project that he was very eager to accept. “I was extremely motivated about accepting this project,” he added. “The cast was incredible and I loved the script! This really is a comedy with a lot of heart. Plus, I knew I was going to have a great time doing it.”

Seeing the buzz that has already been building about the film, it sounds like Serricchio was very wise to take part in the Wedding. He also assured us its not the last you’ll see of him on-screen, as he has plenty of more gigs in the works, including an ongoing stint on Fox’s Bones and working on his own pursuits. “There’s a couple of things I wrote that I want to get produced,” he said, when asked about upcoming projects. “But I’m also kind of letting the movie do its thing. Seeing the success of the premiere and the great feedback from fans, I’m making a point to enjoy this ride.”

You can also enjoy the ride right now as The Wedding Ringer is playing at a theater near you.

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