SPOILER ALERT: Be forewarned, one of the most gut-wrenching turn of events happened in this penultimate episode. The episode entitled That Ain’t Me, opens with family. Tariq is trying to get out of dodge via a boarding school – and it just might work, but not before he and Ghost have a heart to heart where Ghost unknowingly bestows some sage advice about guilt. In a different father-son moment, we cut to Tommy who has a catch-up call with his pop’s Teresi, he thanks him for the Sandoval matter. Teresi is still jonesing for that face to face and Tommy just may play ball, but he needs proof of birth to show they are immediate family. Teresi directs him to Tommy’s mother, who he believes is bound to have it. Meanwhile, in the Valdez household, Angela’s got big sis staying over on protective watch and helping plot her next career move.

Over in gangland Dre and Cristobal are plotting Tommy’s demise. The plan – torch Tommy’s next shipment to keep him from supplying to his crew, which will then disband leaving Tommy without product or distribution. Then in step Dre and Cristobal as the new connect and distro. Meanwhile Ghost and Councilman Tate are making the P.R. rounds to tout their latest community project. While Tasha and Silver are planning their future. Yet, all is not well, as Tariq gets a visit from Brains and his goon, who try to shake him down. But Tariq puts up a good front. This however is far from over. More on that later.

Meanwhile Tommy, goes searching for that proof and finds it and more. Looks like Teresi looked to do the right thing. Sort of. He wanted Tommy in his life, but wanted his wife and not Tommy’s mom to raise him. Big revelation for Tommy, which sends him over into a coke fueled edge.

On the other side of town, Dre and Cristobal continue to plot Tommy’s demise by torching the product. Its official Tommy will not be able to deliver to his crew. Not a good look. When Tommy faces his crew, in typical Tommy fashion he goes ape shit, but becomes uncharacteristically calm and asks for some time which he gets, only to go ape shit on Dre again (in part to a coke bump he consumes). He also happens to declare war on the Jimenez brothers – again – who he believes to be behind the torching. At Tariq’s school an Officer Raymond Jones pays a visit, looking for him. Reina lets him know he’s not at school today.

Tasha and LeKeisha get together and decide to get into business together – legit business. On the up and up. And confess about their love lorn lives and Tasha’s exit plan. Speaking of which Councilman Tate gives Ghost an assist at the city council meeting to approve the Stern real estate deal, by calling out the equity discrepancy. Small win for Ghost. Back at the St. Patrick household, Reina let’s Tariq know a cop was looking for him. Tariq let’s Reina know that he’s a dirty cop and part of Kanan’s crew. Tariq thanks Reina for looking out and swears her to secrecy, to which she reluctantly agrees.

Tommy goes for his own assist with his superiors to help make up his loss. But it doesn’t go well. He’s living on borrowed time right now. So he goes to Tasha for quick payment out of the hair shop. Comes up short there too. Then heads over to LaKeisha but comes up short yet again. Strike three. Tommy’s running out of options.

In Angela’s world, we find out she has a new boss, U.S. Attorney Tameika Robinson — and she’s excited to be working with a woman. After talking briefly about Sandoval, their first order of business is attending a gala that honors victims who were wrongfully accused. The guest of honor? None other than James St. Patrick.

Her boss makes it clear that this will be the last time St. Patrick’s name is mentioned in her office. When asked who should be promoted to Head of Criminal Investigation between Maks and Saxe, Angela asks why it can’t be her, but Tameka isn’t fond of what Angela did to get their department in this predicament to begin with and wonders if Angela would put someone like her in that same position. So Angela goes looking for other career opportunities and has an informal lunch with — Proctor. Let’s just say it’s a short lunch. She holds a caucus with her big sis for some advice, when in pop’s Mak? All James Bonded out. He lets her know he got the job she was gunning for, but that he wants Angela back as his number two. Angela lets him know – sorry, not sorry.

Cue to the St. Patrick household. Ghost is ready to go to the gala, when in pops Tommy high as a kite and needing serious money. Ghost is not happy and some heavy verbal sparring ensues, but Ghost cuts the check, with the order for Tommy to leave and not come back until he’s sober. Tommy’s got some conditions of his own. Touch Teresi and he’ll kill Ghost. Yet, even with the money, Tommy’s crew bolts. So know he’s got product but no crew to distribute it. Tommy is hurting.

At the gala, Ghost and Angela come face to face, these two just can’t seem to stay away. Yet, before they can connect, Angela is named head of Head of Criminal Investigation. She got the job, but not her man. When they do speak, they realize it can never be – for now!

Dre and Cristobal meet up and celebrate their victory over Tommy, when Dre asks if “that thing” is taken care of. Cristobal assures him it is. Cut to some thugs trying to take out Kanan, to no avail. Looks like that celebration will be short lived. Tommy finally get’s that face to face with dear old dad. Who asks, anything I can help you with? Ummm, yeah!!!

Meanwhile Officer Jones, finally catches up with Tariq by tricking him to meet his girl at his going away party. They come face to face, but Tariq gives him the slip. Then in steps Reina and lets Jones know she knows he’s a dirty cop and to stay away from Tariq, when, Jones shoots Reina dead.

Episode Highlights:

Simon Stern gets the lion’s share of the highlights this week.

Stern speaking with Ghost about the real estate deal closing:
You’ll soon be New York’s favorite black.

Stern’s response to Ghost wanting to play a bigger part at the hearing:
I fear your coalition may get a too Afrocentric for their taste.

When Tommy rolls up on LeKeisha walking on the street:
Yooo, I never seen you walk that fast. Is Love and Hip-Hop about to be on?

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