October 25, 2021

Team Lara

Lara knows how to create opportunity. Frustrated at what he perceived to be Canelo ducking him, Lara decided to take matters into his own hands and went to a Canelo post-fight press conference. Not only did he attend. Lara took to the podium while Canelo was speaking, interrupted Canelo to ask him why he will not fight him since it’s the fight the public wants. Canelo was visibly surprised and upset. This was a classic Clubber Lang move straight out of Rocky III – which worked. Gotta respect the initiative and cojones.

Team Canelo

Canelo walks the walk. Sure, you may want to hate on the guy. He’s got the popularity, fame, accolades and most recently a nod from People En Español as one of its 50 Most Beautiful People. So it does give haters plenty of ammo. Yet, you have to admit that the man does walk the walk. Prime example, post Mayweather he said he would stay active and fight three times in 2014. He’s already on fight number two and should he win, is eying number three by the end of the year. He said he would go toe to toe with his last opponent Alfredo Angulo. He did and came out on top of each exchange. Lara challenged him in public to a fight. Canelo quickly ok’d the match. He could have dodged Lara, but decided to take the fight against the wishes of his advisors.

Canelo And People Mag

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