3. Anticipate

This lesson is quite obvious in the film, it is conveyed literally and figuratively. It applies not just to the hustling game, but virtually any competitive endeavor. You have to anticipate your opponent’s moves. Stay two to three steps ahead. A lesson which Han learns early and employs often.

The Lesson: Before you act, think ahead.

4. Have People

This lesson perhaps runs contrary to what Han Solo is presumably about, a lone wolf who can do it all by himself. But does he really? In the film he begins without people (will save the rest on that for the film). He does however begin to meet and acquire a surrogate family, namely his number one bro – Chewbacca. The film also shows how he gathers a supporting cast. One that really hits its stride when he meets a certain set of Skywalker siblings later on in the canon.

The Lesson: You can’t do it or go it alone.


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