October 4, 2023



How to Handle Religion in the Workplace

As the population of the planet increases, we are experiencing more and more diversity in countries all over the world. However, as is clearly evident in the culture wars fostered by today's politicians, there is also more divisiveness. Inparticular, many ...

Refinancing Student Loans: 5 Secrets

The Biden Administration may have thrown students a life line by deferring student loan payments until May 1st. But as Washington D.C. plays the "will they" or  "won't they" game on cancellation of student loans, borrowers need to find a way to save. ...

How To Effectively Balance Studying and Working

Are you a student who works while studying? Even though this can be a nice opportunity to earn some money and save them for your goals and plans, doing this can be really challenging and tiring. You need to be part of classes, write your assignments and e...

Returning to Work After a Mental Health Crisis

By Matt Gregory Returning to work following any medical emergency can be daunting and difficult. But going back after suffering a mental health crisis can be even more challenging. Despite the progress that has been made in this area over the last few year...

A Guide To Becoming a SFX Makeup Artist

By Charles Watley, DigitalBizSolutions.net If you think getting a job in the special effects (sfx) industry is a pipe dream, think again. Just look at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic. They recently hired a YouTuber who went viral with a video that...

10 Tips for Returning to Work after a Career Break

A career break could run for a year or a decade. Especially as the workforce reimagines itself as a result of the pandemic. The reasons you went for the career break are irrelevant. Regardless of your circumstance, you will face the daunting task of reente...
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