December 2, 2023



Famous Data Breaches You Can Learn From

We live in a digital world. In the advent of social distancing that will only increase. With facilitating daily activities online, bad actors will likely follow. Looking back over the years, we have seen a ...

Feeling Disconnected? Try a Digital Detox

You can go to the gym every day, eat right, and even take steps toward taking care of your mental health. But, if you still feel like something is “off,” you might want to take a look at the mobile device i...

Technology + Sports = Something New!

There have been some fantastic changes in sports today, and most of those changes come from the sophisticated technologies that have been created for an enhanced performance. Technology has allowed for signific...

Ten Ways Gaming Is Now At The Next Level

Video games have certainly come a long way since they jumped into the mainstream in the eighties. It’s no secret that there have been some wondrous and amazing advances when it comes to the technology that goes...
Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Apple Unveils iPhone 11 Pro

It's that time of year again. Every September Apple unveils its latest offerings. This year Apple dropped updates on Apple Arcade, a new iPad and watch, and iPhone 11 series. The latter  includes the iPhone 11,...

A Few Reasons To Love Playing Video Games

Despite the naysayers, video games will not rot our brains, they won't turn us into raving monsters (well, not all of us anyway), and they aren't a waste of time. For many of us, video games are a passion, whe...
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