December 11, 2023


Why It’s Worth Having Your Dream Car

Anyone at any age has had a dream car. It’s something that’s pushed when you’re a child. Barbie had her pink dream convertible, Batman had the Batmobile. Even the Flintstones had their own take on the car. ...

Tips for Picking a Car for Commuting

By Matt Gregory On average, a person spends just under an hour commuting to work every day, with most people driving. Most commuters must use their own vehicle, and many employers do not cover the cost of v...

How To Clear Up Your Driving Record

Did you know that your driving record can affect not only your insurance premiums but also your ability to gain work as a driver? If you rely on your driving license, you need to make sure you are driving p...

5 Great Reasons To Buy A Hybrid Car

A hybrid car feels like a half-way house - a compromise. Many view having two engines based on entirely different drivetrains seems excessive and pointless. Especially the men that love their fast cars...
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