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Let’s face it— it’s exciting to enter the workforce. After all, you can finally earn money to finance all the things you’ve wanted while growing up!

However, before you can work and earn, you should first land your very first job! And you can’t deny that this part of the process can be challenging. After all, you’re competing with hundreds of talented individuals, each with their own unique sets of skills!

This begs the question: How can you successfully land your first job and kickstart your career? Are there certain rules that you should follow to ensure your success?

So, we’ve come up with this guide to help you tread the path of career success. Continue on reading to discover more!


Make Clear Goals

Before you send your resume to various companies, there are some things you might want to clarify first.

What are these — your metas – aka goals.

You need to ask yourself what jobs excite you. You also need to think ahead: do you plan to work the same job for the next five to ten years, or are you aiming for more? When you’ve a clear vision of where you want to go, you can make informed decisions about your career, allowing you to focus on your skills and network.


Keep Your Resume (and LinkedIn profile) Updated

What’s the first thing your potential employers will look at? It’s your resume!

This is why you need to update it to help you with your job application. Your resume should highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements. You should also update any personal information in your resume, including your contact number and email address. Another thing that potential employers may look at is your LinkedIn profile. So don’t forget to update it as well!

Whether it’s your resume or LinkedIn profile, you should use keywords that are relevant to your chosen industry. This way, you can be more visible to potential employers, increasing your chances of success!


Don’t Forget About Your Network

You might’ve heard this multiple times already, but building your career network is crucial for your success. After all, the wider your network is, the more opportunities can come your way!

So, don’t be shy and attend industry events, career fairs, or simply get-togethers with other professionals in your field. Not only will you learn from professionals first-hand, but you can also become members of their organization! You can receive perks and even a membership card, ID card cost included. After all, many establishments recognize professional organizations, opening up new opportunities for you!


Gain Experience

While it’s true that many employers accept fresh graduates. You still can’t deny that they will prefer those who have relevant work experience. If you’ve recently graduated, that can be bad news. So, why not gain experience first before entering the job market?

You can do so by joining internship programs. These programs build your skills and network, preparing you as you tread on your career. You can also go freelance in your first few months. These gigs will help you explore different career paths and industries. Thus allowing you to anticipate the tasks and responsibilities you’ll take as you commit to a full-time job.


Find a Suitable Mentor for Your Growth

It’s undeniable that we often rely on our own sets of skills while at work. However, this should not always be the case! Getting proper guidance from people with expertise in your field can be a huge help. They can support you as you navigate your career path, from making decisions to ways you can optimize your tasks! So, don’t be afraid and seek mentorship. There are lots of people with experience and expertise who are willing to share their knowledge and insight with you!


Research, Research, Research

No one wants to go into a battlefield unprepared, and it’s the same when it comes to your career!

This is why you should always keep yourself informed about trends and developments in your industry. You can check out potential employers who understand their values and culture, along with what they are looking for. By doing this, you can tailor your application to what each of them needs, increasing your chances of getting hired!


Be Fully Prepared for Your Interview

Let’s face it— as great as your resume may look, you can still risk your chance of getting hired if you flunk your interview. We’ve seen many cases like this. So you better prepare once you’ve been invited for one! You can start by researching the commonly asked questions for an interview. Then, practice your responses to those questions. This way, you can demonstrate to your interviewer that you know what you’re talking about, no matter how complex it is!

Below are a few additional tips to help you ace your interview.

  • Dress professionally to make a good impression.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes early.
  • Bring copies of your resume.
  • Show enthusiasm during the interview.
  • Be prepared to discuss how your skills and experience make you a great fit for the role.


Take Your Education and Skills to New Heights

A common mistake professionals make for their career is never taking further education or certification. You should always remember that these are beneficial, regardless of your career goals. When you pursue further education or certification, you can enhance your skills and marketability. In short, you’ll be in demand in the job market, opening up many opportunities for you as you continue your career!


Flexibility and Adaptability are Your Friends

While it’s true that we always want to grow in our careers, we can’t avoid venturing out in different fields. This makes your career path not linear, and that’s totally okay!

However, you’ll need to be flexible and open-minded to new opportunities that come your way. For example, you might’ve met someone who majored in History but is currently working in a different field. This simply means that their skill set is more fitting to their current career path, allowing them to grow more. In short, you should remember that sometimes, the best opportunities are the ones you least expect!

There’s no absolute formula to career growth. As long as you prepare yourself, persevere, and have the will to learn and grow, you can easily find a suitable job for your skillset!

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