August 12, 2020



Vida Series Finale Recap

The Vida series finale opens with Mari doing what Mari does best. Making her “La Pinche Chinche” videos. This time she takes it to the corporations who support ICE. Meanwhile, across town Lyn is umm…. Servicing her constituent Councilmen Rudy. However, the...

Vida The Final Season, Episode 5 Recap

The penultimate episode of Vida opens on a more wholesome note than prior episodes. In this Vida Recap, we witness Lyn being born again as she goes through her baptismal ceremony. Damn, that Victor moves fast!  Looks like Lyn is all in on this growing...

Vida The Final Season, Episode 4 Recap

Episode four the final season of Vida opens with a Lyn and Rudy hedonistic love fest. Lyn and Councilman Rudy are in the middle of the deed, when Lyn takes things a little too far for the Councilman. He makes it be known – Rudy don't play like that. Lyn ho...
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