Content Licensing

Content Licensing
Did you see an article on ‘LLERO that you would like to post on your own on-line or print publication?

No problem. At ‘LLERO we believe sharing is caring. We’d be happy to license our articles, pictures or video to interested users for both print and online publications. Plus our edit team will also work with you customize an article to better suit your audience.

Where do I start?
For details on licensing ‘LLERO’s articles, pictures or video, send us an email at:

Why should I license content from ‘LLERO?
We get it, why license from us? Well we’ve got hundreds of articles with helpful tips for Latino men in areas such as dating & sex, style, health, career, entertainment and Latino culture. And they weren’t just written by anyone, the works of our writers have appeared in the likes of ESPN Magazine, and Fast Company just to name a few. Plus, if that weren’t enough we’ve got a growing collection of pictures and videos.

Is there an expiration date for content licenses?
Yes. Agreements for online and print publications is one-year. After which you have to renew for a small fee.

Is any content from ‘LLERO available for free?
Sorry, but we’ve got bills to pay too! So, in order to reprint or re-post content, online and print publications must license the articles, photos or video in question.

Is there anything else I should know?
Sure, there are some additional details when licensing content from ‘LLERO, but we will provide you with a standard agreement which covers all that. To find out more, just contact us at:

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