September 23, 2023



When Everyday is Dia de los Muertos

Thanks to Mexico’s traditions, and the popular animated movie Coco (thanks Disney!), Dia De Los Muertos is becoming a popular holiday across the world. But don’t get it twisted! The Day of the Dead is not...

Who Is Really A Latino?

U.S. postage stamp commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month. Most people agree that Latinos/Hispanics are not a race. They would even agree that our presence in the United States qualifies us as an ethnicity; a...

Latino Artists as Activists

The power of artists is undeniable. We are fortunate that so many Latino artists have used their gifts to shine a light on the injustices, events and political climate of their time. The Latino artists list...
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5 Latino Writers You Should Know

There are plenty of Latino writers whose work flies under the radar and is valuable.  The love sonnets of Neruda, the magical realism of Garcia Marquez and the urban immigrant narratives of Junot Diaz are known...

5 Things Every Man Can Love About Uruguay

August 25th marks the independence day of Uruguay. Now, when folks think of Latin America, it’s the beaches of Rio, cultural riches of Mexico or Colombia that often come to mind. But don't sleep; Uruguay is a ...
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