January 21, 2021



Benefits of Monitoring Heart Rate When Exercising

Most men are always looking for that 'edge' to improve their fitness regimen. There are many benefits of monitoring heart rate while exercising. While many people do use heart rate monitoring during workouts, many of them don’t understand why it is importa...

Were You Born To Be An Athlete? Here Are Some Signs

When it comes to sports, people like to typecast themselves. Some of us are naturally athletically inclied. Others are more cerebral, preferring to exercise the mind instead of the body. Some are both.  It raises an interesting question, though. Is be...
Medical ID Card

Carrying A Medical ID Card – It Makes Sense!

2020 has been quite the year. Pandemics, protests, natural disasters. And we still have four months left to go. Our point, if 2020 has taught us anything it is - be prepared.  You simply don't know when an emergency can arise. Part of that preparedness ...

It’s Your Real, Solemn Duty To Learn How To Relax

When we think of relaxation, we often think of it in terms of a ‘break’ from normal life. We know it’s rarely productive, but that doesn’t mean it lacks value. Learning how to relax can be of great value. That being said, almost no one on planet Earth is p...

6 Effective and Natural Muscle Relaxants

If you suffer from muscle cramps or tension after working out or from sitting in the same position all day, there are several natural muscle relaxants you can try. Certain herbs have properties that can reduce inflammation, ease pain and improve circulatio...

How to Care For Your Teeth On A Budget

It is not always easy to live on a budget. Not only do you have to factor in your regular day to day spending. But you have to consider your health in your budget, too. Dental care is one of those healthy expenditures that you always must make room for. Wh...

The Best Way to Take CBD

By Charles Watley, DigitalBizSolutions.net The legalization of industrial cannabis and associated CBD products has sparked an interest in the touted properties of the cannabidiol compound. However, the close connection to hemp relative marijuana has long b...

Why You Are Stressed and What Can You Do About It?

June is Mens Health Month. Often times when we think about your health, we often consider the state of our physical well being. Unfortunately, this often means that our mental health is forgotten completely. Indeed, mental health can be a little bit of a tab...

3 Ways to Stay Dedicated to Exercise

Where does your motivation come from when working out? Are you just dedicated enough after years of consistent exercise to not miss legs day? Or are you the type of guy who needs some outside motivation by lifting with gym buddies? Here are three things to...
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