February 28, 2024

Nike Hyperlive
Also on the come-up in terms of seeking franchise/legend status, Paul George will make his fourth All-Star appearance. He brings to Toronto his special Hyperlive player-edition shoe. Can’t help but notice the bold Canadian-red upper, maple-inspired gum outsole and leaf basketball logo. We just think there on fleek.

Nike Hyperlive 1 - SP16_BB_Hyperlive_NA_ASW_3QPair_original

Nike Hyperlive 2 - SP16_BB_Hyperlive_NA_ASW_Medial_original

Nike Hyperlive 3 - SP16_BB_Hyperlive_NA_ASW_Heel_original

Nike Hyperlive 4 - SP16_BB_Hyperlive_NA_ASW_ToeDown_original

Nike Hyperlive 5 - SP16_BB_Hyperlive_NA_ASW_TopDown_original

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