December 9, 2022

LeBron 13
LeBron James is arguably at the top of the heap. With two rings under his belt, four league MVP’s and countless All-Star game appearances, King James brings the LEBRON 13 to Toronto, which features a grey-green upper — reminiscent of the neutral tones of Toronto’s winter — with graphic blocking similar to the KD8. An icy, marbled effect covers the outsole heels of James’s game shoe while pins honor the player’s on-court triumphs.

Nike Lebron 1 - SP16_BB_LeBronXIII_NA_ASW_TopDown_original

Nike Lebron 3 - SP16_BB_LeBronXIII_NA_ASW_Medial_original

Nike Lebron 4- SP16_BB_LeBronXIII_NA_ASW_Sole_original

Nike Lebron 2 - SP16_BB_LeBronXIII_NA_ASW_Heel_original

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