December 9, 2022

Kobe 11
If LeBron is the King, then Kobe Bryant is the Emperor. The only player in the NBA who can still lay greater claim to NBA dominance. Don’t believe us. Give him a call, he’ll pick up after the fifth ring. In this his farewell season Black Mamba, brings his Kobe 11, a sleek black upper with a glowing green pop is a nod to the luminescence of the Northern Lights. Unique molded leather detailing on the heel and tongue gives the KOBE 11 new dimensionality. And is excellent way to say farewell.

Nike Kobe 11 1 - SP16_BB_KobeXI_NA_ASW_3QPair_original

Nike Kobe 11 2 - SP16_BB_KobeXI_NA_ASW_TopDown_original

Nike Kobe 11 4 - SP16_BB_KobeXI_NA_ASW_Medial_original

Nike Kobe 11 5 - SP16_BB_KobeXI_NA_ASW_Sole_original

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