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Whether they’re invading your mobile device with viral ROFL YouTube video parodies, making political statements with anti-Trump songs, or staging live shows, Room 28 wants to make one thing clear: they’re after more than just Internet fame.

The New York based Latino comedy troupe may have started out making short skits in their living rooms and neighborhoods, but according to Anthony Palmini, he “knew from our first video” that they had something unique to offer the world by way of their observational humor.

Comprised of a “core five” players including Palmini, Jaime Fernandez, Jerry “Elmo DiFoca” Diaz, Michael “Juan Bago” Diaz and Rachel “La Loca” Strauss-Muniz have shared their humorous insights on everything from Shakespeare Latino style to transit romances through their social media videos and sold out performances.

‘LLERO spoke with Jerry Diaz, Jaime Fernandez and Anthony Palmini about what inspires them, the group dynamics and what’s on the horizon (SPOILER ALERT: their next show “Do the Right Spring” is already sold out as this goes live!)

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