January 29, 2023

rm28 spring show
‘LL: What is it like being involved with Mas Mejor [the Lorne Michaels, Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen digital comedy lab]? How did it happen?
Jerry: They reached out to us and told us they were fans of our stuff, which was pretty cool cause as comedy geeks we were fans of Lorne Michael. The idea of a digital space for Latinos to perform mainstream, American style comedy was something we were really drawn to.

Jaime: Plus being associated with Lorne Michael’s production company definitely looks good on the ol’ comedy resume.

‘LL: What inspires your comedy?
Jerry: Everything: work, your upbringing, family, relationships, heartaches, failures…

Jaime: Our sketches can be personal, cultural, pop-cultural, sexual, historical, relatable, disgusting or just plain stupid. Our comedy inspiration is as diverse as we are.

‘LL: How does your Latino cultura play a role in your work?
Jerry: Just by looking at us, you can tell we are Latinos so it’s not something we wave as a flag because it’s the foundation of who we are. So obviously we have Latino characters but for the most part, everyone can relate to it. Before we label ourselves Latinos, we are just people. But I ate too much mangu growing up so it’s going to show up in a sketch eventually.

Jaime: We embrace it because it does help us stand out in a crowded industry.

‘LL: When did you know that this could be something big?
Jerry: When random people come up to you and say they’re fans. When someone comes up to you and says “Thank you for the laugh, so and so just passed away. I really needed that.” Anyone can do videos now, so it really became something else to us. We want more than just “like” clicks. We want to be a comedy institution.

Jaime: When you start getting an audience consistently paying to see your shows and companies like Broadway Video asking you to partner up with them, it’s made us strive for bigger and better things.

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