Do you dread when your alarm goes off in the morning, as it means that you’re having to get up and at ‘em  and head off to work? Do you really dread your job, and find any excuse to leave early or even to call in sick? You’re not alone with feeling like this when it comes to work, but you certainly need to make sure that you do something about it; that is no way to live. So what can be done about it?

Of course, just looking for a new job can be the first port of call. But if the reason that you dread work is that you don’t enjoy the work that you do in the industry that you work or are trained in, then it can be a big problem. So what about going back to school? It could be that you want to go to nursing school to create a career that is more flexible around a family. Perhaps you have worked in retail and want to get into a more corporate and office-based role. Whatever your circumstances, going back to school could work for you. 

One of the most basic ways to help to improve your life (or anyone’s for that matter), is to gain more knowledge. And being able to complete a college degree can be critical for your individual success in the economy today. In fact, if you already have a college degree, then a lot can be said of gaining a masters. Higher education is something that makes you as a person much more marketable, and it will give you many more options in life. So if you are wanting to make changes in your life and career, here are some reasons why it could be a good thing for you.

Higher paying salary

Having a college degree is something that can really improve the career prospects that you have. And the reason why that is so important is that you can have more chances of getting the job that you want, and more chances of getting the pay grade that you want. When you have a college degree, bachelors or even masters, it can drastically improve things. In fact, research has shown that job applicants who have a degree are much more likely to land the higher paying jobs than those that apply without a college degree. And what comes with the higher paying jobs, other than the financial benefit? You can get better benefits like better health insurance and perhaps more vacation days. So that has got to be a selling point in and of itself.

Increase your job options

If you have a college degree then it widens your spectrum of job options, as well as just the option of going for the better paid ones with a company. College graduates tend to have many more job prospects than those that aren’t college graduates. Simply because the jobs that they are applying for acquire more specialized skills, as well as knowledge or expertise, than non-college graduates. So if you want to give yourself more choice in the job market, which could be what is frustrating you at the moment, then this could be the thing for you.

Personal investment

There is nothing in life more important than yourself. So if you are all about living your best life and grasping life with both hands, then a college education, whether a bachelors or a masters, will help to broaden your horizons in a big way. Having a degree is seen as an investment, and it will allow you to achieve your goals, and get you to where you want to be, wherever that may be. The life experience gained at college can be of great importance too. Even if you study online, rather than move and live on campus, you will learn a lot about time management, organization, and money management. So there is a lot that you personally can benefit from, rather than just the certificate that you get at the end of it all.


As has been mentioned, there is definitely a social aspect to college and studying, even if you do the main studying online. Those social ties that you  forge with fellow students, as well as with teachers and professors, will be really valuable later down the line. Having a network to call on can be really valuable, and college is a great place to meet new people. You can also hone in on those people that have similar interests to you. Whether that be through your chosen degree program, or through clubs and societies.

All of this gives you the chance to build up a network of connections, with people from all different places, backgrounds and experience. You’re likely to all go off and do different things, but being able to call on one another for help can be a great thing. Those people that you meet at college, are going to be the leaders and company CEOs of the future.

More career flexibility

If you want to be able to do more with your career, and have the option of changing as you need to (such as with a growing family, for example). Then having a degree, or even a post-secondary degree, can be a massive help. When you have a degree it gives you greater access to a variety of vocations and occupations. As a result, job opportunities. 

Competitive edge

Going back to college can feel like a daunting task. As it is taking time out of formal employment and back to studying. But when you go back to college, it can give you something that you, and others like you, would miss out on, if you just stuck it out in the career world. It gives you a competitive edge, which in today’s uncertain economy, can be much needed. Going back to school  can help you to familiarize yourself with the latest technology and advances within your specific field. Colleges are equipped with the latest equipment and research, so it can help your knowledge to be tip top as you can be a part of that testing. In fact, going back to college could potentially equip you with some specific skills and knowledge that can give you an advantage amongst your peers.

Build your confidence

If you are looking to increase your knowledge and your skills, then it can not only help your job prospects, but help you in genera. Especially when you think about your worth and confidence. More experience and improved skills can go a long way in helping you to be a more well-rounded individual, as corny as that may sound. If you are regularly exposing yourself to new themes, topics, and experiences, then that can enhance your self-esteem. This can be something that really appeals to employers.

Health and happiness

On a similar note, you might find that when you have completed college, you are much happier, perhaps even experience less stress. This can even extend out to your family too. If you are studying with children in tow, then once you are finished, your family can be happier with it all too. As you have new found confidence and skills.

There is plenty of evidence that shows how college graduates do tend to be happier and healthier. Part of the college experience is about having fun, so you will know how to better spend your leisure time. And the more fun that you have, the more optimistic about your future you can be. This can be half the battle to success. If you are more optimistic, then it can really help you to smash your goals as you will be more confident to pursue them.

Career change

If the first couple of paragraphs in this post resonates with you. Then you will be pleased to hear that going back to school can help you with a career change. Some job roles can be quite general, and it might be easier to switch the knowledge that you have. But some job roles are going to be quite specific. As a result, you will need that specific knowledge or skills to help you to change career to be doing what you want to do. A college degree can help you to get hired at a higher level than you are currently, can allow you to change careers, and help you to move more quickly through the ranks of a new career.

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