U.S. postage stamp commemorating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Most people agree that Latinos/Hispanics are not a race. They would even agree that our presence in the United States qualifies us as an ethnicity; a group of people of various races connected by a similar culture, language or geography. A little digging into American history tells us how the U.S. Census bureau coined the term Hispanic to identify Spanish speaking people of Caribbean and Latin American ancestry.

But what if all of it is a big mistake?

One video blogger Masaman, Mason, breaks down the problematic use of Latino and Hispanic as it’s used in the United States. “There are some obvious inconsistencies that will point out how insanely ridiculous the whole notion of Latino in the American sense really is,” he says at the start of his video.

Check out his hypothesis and explanation of the terminology, its origins and why he finds it problematic.

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