August 16, 2022



What Would Cesar Chavez Tweet?

Cesar Chavez, the Mexican American labor and civil rights activist, fought valiantly for the rights of laborers, farm workers and the human rights of all. More than four decades after he sparked a labor movemen...

The Coquito Master’s

Nothing can turn a family holiday into a group challenge like the sweet blended flavor of coquito. Sleeves get rolled up as bottles of rum fill the kitchen for the prized title of coquito connoisseur. Usually a...

Latino Superstitions

You know Latinos love us some drama! Whether it is an over-the-top novela, or fine tuning the art of chisme on El Gordo y La Flaca. That’s why if you think about it Friday the 13th is tailor made for us. Becaus...

El Cucuy vs. La Chupacabra

Who doesn't like a good mashup? Freddie vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator, Batman v. Superman and the list goes on. From El Cucuy to La Llorona, we thought it a good time to compare some of the scarier myths and le...

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nicaragua

If you only know Nicaragua, the land of “lakes and volcanoes,” because of its dictators and political strife you’ve got a few things to learn about Central America’s largest country. From its postcard perfe...
Mark Jackson Dominican Basketball Player

5 Dominican Men You Need to Know

Dominican men have always possessed the capacity to chart successful paths. The truth is many men of Dominican lineage have soared to prosperous heights – often quietly and devoid of fanfare – in sectors or occ...

Comedy To Watch in 2016

If you want to get a good LOL one of the best places to find it these days is online. We've seen enough "Funny or Die" videos, YouTube and Vine stars, not to mention news bloopers to know what's good comedy and...
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