February 28, 2024

Since the UFC knows that neither Holm nor de Randamie have the name or personality to bring in the pay-per-view numbers then why not bring in a name like Anderson Silva. Is he still a name though? That’s up for discussion but in my opinion he is always dangerous. So, who do they put him up against? Do we want him to lose or win? Yes, that’s what the UFC seems to be turning into with some of these bouts. Hey! How about Derek Brunson. He’s by no means an easy fight but his style should fit right into an Anderson Silva knockout. I agree with the folks over at Fight Network who said that Brunson loves to come in fast and chin up! Something Silva loves. With his accuracy and power this should be a no brainer for him. Unless, like some people say, he doesn’t have it anymore in which case this can prove to be another fight where the older ex-champion should have bid farewell a few fights ago and forgone the embarrassment.


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So what happens next? For the winner of Holm v. de Randamie, it looks like we could see Cyborg as the next opponent. Maybe she will end up being the womens featherweight champion and then fight the bantamweight champion and end up being a two belt holder like McGregor. Like I said, the match ups are becoming more about entertainment than about who deserves it.

For Silva, a non-competitive loss would certainly end his career. A win, however, means he gets to keep fighting on perhaps with one more shot at a title. Either way, UFC 208 is sure to have its highlights of knockouts and will definitely bring drama to the ever evolving sport.

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