On February 11, 2017, for the first time in the history of the UFC a women’s featherweight champion will be crowned at UFC 208! Exciting? Or the perfect marketing strategy? The UFC has been consistently stirring the pot over the last year. With the arrival of mega stars like Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey, the traditional “fight your way to the top” system is looking more like a WWE style promotion. Yet, if we had to give this a card a theme we’d aptly call it – The Road Back or End of the Road. Here’s why.

Holly Holm, the literally one time women’s bantamweight champion is definitely still a contender. Or is she? When she shocked the world by dismantling Rousey in the first round she looked unstoppable. Unfortunately for her, the next match up versus Miesha Tate (who has a heart of gold) proved to be a big disappointment for Holm’s camp. Being beat at the ground game and the submission loss called her into question. Her subsequent unanimous decision loss to Valentina Schevchenko, now has everyone asking if Holly is still a viable contender. With Rousey’s second defeat in as many bouts, Holm’s victory looks less impressive and more of a result of good timing in being the first to expose Rousey’s flaws.

Well, the UFC being the money making machine it is apparently still thinks she might be. Or are they just setting up a bigger fight? The return of Cyborg perhaps? The style of this match is sure to be an interesting one to watch. Holm’s is an American style boxer and kick-boxer and Germaine de Randamie is a Dutch kickboxer. I highly doubt there will be any ground game in this fight which is probably exactly what the UFC wants to see. I believe it will come down to accuracy and the “whoever hits first wins the fight” philosophy. Both have power, both have experience and they are both kick boxers! But Holm isn’t the only star power on the card, UFC dug into its archives to bring back a legend who will also enter the octagon in Brooklyn. More after the jump…

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