February 28, 2024

All this grind has led to his first official single called “Sueño Mojado (Wet Dream)”, released in June and his first upcoming studio album, “Made In Europe” with DJ 40 (his resident DJ and producer) which will drop this month. According to Messiah, the lyrics of “Sueño Mojado” are based on dreaming about that special someone being next to you and then waking up to realize it was you guessed it – a wet dream. The single was recorded in the Dominican Republic, written by Messiah, produced by Evo Jedis, DJ Urba, Luis Romero, and engineered by DJ 40.

As for the album, it was inspired by Messiah’s time abroad. In early 2016, Messiah and DJ 40 hit the road on the “Tamo Lindo Euro Tour,” where they performed sold out shows in Spain, Holland, Italy and Switzerland.  Throughout their time in Europe, Messiah got a taste of the European underground culture, which inspired him and DJ 40 to record the album on the road – the result is “Made In Europe,” which will feature 12 original tracks by Messiah.

“Sueño Mojado” is available on all digital platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Pandora. “Made in Europe” will be released in July 2016.



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