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A lot of men in the 21st Century are stressed, depressed and generally unhappy. Of course, many of these men suffer from clinical mental health issues that means they must have professional treatment to get well again, but for an awful lot of guys, low mood is something that they can actively fight against.

If you’ve been feeling a little down lately, check out these habits of happy men and see how many of them you can incorporate into your own life – it could be a real game-changer…


They Pursue Goals

Happy men are more likely to set and pursue positive life goals. Having something to work towards gives them more meaning in life, and ensures that they do actually get more out of life on the whole. A lack of focus can lead to feelings of pointlessness, so by giving yourself a reason to live, you can make life worthwhile once again. Goals can be as simple as attending the gym three times a week or as complex as building a new business from scratch – it doesn’t matter as long as they give you meaning and purpose.


They Ask for Help

There is a stereotype of the strong man who never asks anyone for help no matter how desperately he needs it. Many people admire the strong man stereotype, but perhaps they should be showing him pity instead. You see, one of the reasons why so many men are unhappy is because they don’t ask for the help they need, instead choosing to suffer in silence. The thing is, asking for help when you need it, whether from a spouse, counselor or addiction treatment center, is actually a strength. Sharing a problem halves it and sorting out your issues leaves you free to pursue happiness. Don’t be afraid to see the help you need.


They Are Grateful

Happy men appreciate the good stuff in life. Even if they have very little, they are able to be grateful for the things they DO have. If you have a roof over your head and food in your belly, you’re doing better than many people all over the world and taking some time to consider that once in a while can lead to a lot of happiness over time.


They Exercise

Happy men know that moving your body is a great way to boost your mood. They understand that a healthy body makes for a healthy mind and that is why they incorporate daily movement into their lives. So, whether you lift weights in the gym or take a brisk walk each morning, be sure to add some exercise into your life.


They Work on It

It’s possible that some men are just born happy, but for the vast majority of us, happiness takes work. We can’t just sit back and expect happiness to fall into our laps, we have to work for it and that is what every happy man has in common!

Here’s to happiness!

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