Episode 3 of Mayans M.C. opens with each faction experiencing a bit of trauma. The MC is viewing the video of Medina’s murder. “This cannot go unanswered” utters Bishop and so the MC gets to work hatching a plan to avenge their fallen brother. Over at the Galindo’s Emily is still mourning the loss of her Agro real estate deal. While at Los Olvidados hideout, little Mini hears screaming and believes Adelita to be in trouble, but comes across a lady of the night, well…doing her job, when her customer sees Mini and her scars he calls her a freak.  And so begins “Camazotz”

The Plans

Back at the MC they hatch plan to get the cops that murdered Medina, but that also won’t create any blowback on either chapter. Angel and EZ are on board but also don’t forget why they rode up to Stockton. In other words, they will continue with what we’ll call “Operation Happy,” however, not before getting revenge for Medina’s murder.  The plan, use Hope, the junkie who was with the cops as bait. Let her lure them into a trap with claims of having the video. Then the MC will handle the rest.

Over at the Galindo’s Emily has been doing diligence on her competition, and believe she’s found a way in via an old family friend Iliana, whom she believes she can bribe of course. Miguel warns her, that would be the first step that leads her down his path. Emily barks back and is getting gangsta with everyone. Pretty clear she not just a Galindo by marriage anymore. As if Miguel’s day couldn’t get any better he gets a visit from Potter. Looks like they need to chat.

Los Olvidados are keeping busy as well. With exactly what? That is not made readily apparent, but Alvarez visits them in their underground caves.  As Adelita shares Mini’s experience about her scars, Alvarez sits beside her and shows Mini the scar he has all the way up his leg, another one on his shoulder and belly and his back. He looks at her face, saying the marks are reminders of who they are as they are survivors, strong and brave. He tells Mini she is not a mouse but a lion like Adelita; people see them and will retreat from their strength and there is nothing more beautiful than that. Mini returns the words with hug. Wow! Who knew Alvarez had that father figure in him?

The Bait

The MC gathers in an old warehouse with the Hope when Coco warns EZ they are killing a cop today. It’s a line, once they cross it, there is no turning back. EZ doesn’t bat an eye, even dropping science on Coco and Angel, who breaks the tension when he says, “What the hell you been teaching him man”. As the MC dangles the bait one of the cops arrives but knows right away it’s a trap. The confrontation begins, but the MC leverages the tape – the cop wouldn’t want to go viral now would he.  They use it to track his partner to his mother’s house where they ambush him, but not before Coco takes out his mother, by accident, in perhaps the line of the night when Coco realizes his error he shouts, “oh shit, my bad”.

The MC subsequently inform the cop who is still alive that while they are all at Medina’s funeral he is to discover his partner’s body and blame it on anyone except the MC, otherwise, were going to get America’s Most Unfunniest Home Video!

Potter ends up taking Miguel over the border, revealing his motivation.  Looks like Los Olvidados have a new figure head, rebel queen, Sederica Palomo, an up and coming progressive politician played by Mia Maestro.  Potter believes Los Olvidados have a collab with Palomo and its working because the government is experiencing uprisings.  Potter needs Adelita’s new partner to get bloody.  Miguel is the man to do it. After Potter drops him off, Galindo pays a visit to Adelita and updates her on the visit and how Potter knows she is involved in some way as well as what he’s been tasked with.

Emily dangles some bait of her own as she swings by to give Iliana a ride home. They seem to reconcile, but we know better. Emily is the biggest gangster in the room. As she drops her off Emily gives her a check for $50K. But Iliana knows what’s up with Emily’s deal and calls her out. The two eventually truly reconcile and Iliana takes the money in the true spirit of friendship.

The Deeds 

As the episode draws to a close, we cut to Iliana once more. As she ponders the check on her table she makes a call to Emily and poses a hypothetical. If she could get more help back on her feet, she could help Emily.  They could help each other.  We then cut to the MC, who take out Medina’s killer execution style.  Looks like the deeds are done for these two factions.

At Medina’s funeral, the brothers gather to say farewell, as does…. wait for it –  Happy. Who saunters in the services to pay his respects.

EZ and Angel act like they seen a ghost. They can’t take their eyes off him but hold back. Later on, they continue on their road trip they pass the road where both John and Jax Teller met their fate (a nice Sons of Anarchy easter egg). Cue to Happy’s home where they hold him at gunpoint.

Oh man, next week’s episode should be a doozy?

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