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Fans were treated to a double episode to open Season Four of Mayans MC. The new season opens right where Season Three left off – the MC under siege by the other Mayans chapters. The MC is caught with their proverbial pants down, defenses are limited, the MC is taking some major losses, with the attackers cutting off power to the compound, MC members such as Hank and Creeper taking fire along with a host of others…And so, opens “Cleansing of the Temple”.

Fight Fire with Fire

With limited ammo to defend the clubhouse, a woman at the bar suggests they “fight fire with fire” and toss Molotov cocktails back at the other charters, making up for their lack of ammunition. The tactic seems to be effective and keeps the attacking chapters at bay. Yet, inside the M.C. cracks appear to be showing as the old ladies of the MC want out.

Creeper does his best to guard the doors but sustains heavy damage in the process. The attacking chapters manage to breach the gates and they are soon under attack from all sides.

Coco Returns

Fresh from the Meth Mountain compound Gilly rescued him from, Coco and Gilly come upon the clubhouse under full attack and soon come under fire themselves.  They however manage to make it back to the clubhouse through a secret back entrance and enter via the roof.


Boss We Are Gonna Need a New Plan?

When the MC runs out of bullets. EZ calls upon Bishop “What’s the plan Boss?” For the first time Bishop has no idea what to do and his leadership is clearly faltering. Coco steps up and declares that the club is all he has, and he won’t let anyone take it away from him.

All the attacking chapters have gathered outside and are literally calling for EZ’s head.

As the MC realizes defeat is imminent, they begin to make amends with loved ones. Angel vowing to Nails to protect his newborn child. Hank calls his mother for a seemingly innocuous errand, but really just to hear her voice one more time.

At that moment as EZ scans the room looking at his fallen brothers. He once more queries Bishop – “What’s the plan?”. In response Bishop says, “the plan is ‘fuck you’ every man that walks in there gets a bullet.” It’s clear Bishop is no Hannibal Smith and were clearly not dealing with The A-Team here!  

In response EZ does show leadership and bravery. EZ offers up himself, in return the remaining members go free.  EZ exits the club to dozens of MC members in wait with Canche leading the charge. Angel follows suit and soon so all the remaining members of the MC. A show of solidarity for sure, but also looks to be their guaranteed demise.


The OG Mayan

The other chapters seemingly accept the surrender of the MC. As Canche dresses down the MC for betraying the club and literally has them on their knees. One by one they are being executed. Next up is Angel, yet just before Angel is killed, Marcus Alvarez kills the gunman and makes his triumphant return to the Mayans M.C.

Not a single man in the compound dares disrespect or disobey him, despite his absence.  Marcus sets everyone straight proclaiming “This is my fucking club”.  If there were ever any doubt, Marcus establishes that the club still, in fact, belongs to him.

Alvarez intervention appears to have worked. The second episode opens with a time jump.

EZ is back to his morning workouts, Angel and Nails are seen waking up in bed together and the rest of the club members going about their day-to-day.  We see Bishop returning to the club, now clearly in repair mode from the Mayan insurrection.  He approaches the table as do other members. Marcus Alvarez is also their and takes his place at the head of the table. It’s clear now that he is in charge.


New World Order

Alvarez sets forth the new world order, Galindo is dead, Canche and the Yuma club are now charge of the pipeline with Galindo out of the way, which clearly isn’t sitting well with the members of Santo Padre, who feel as though they’re being kept from any work. While a cease fire may have been called its clear there is still a whole lot of bad blood between Santo Padre and all the other chapters. Alvarez clearly is going to have his hands full.


History Lesson

Manny (seen in episode one attempting to shoot EZ) attempts to make peace with EZ and gives him a history lesson. Letting him know it wasn’t Cortez that killed the Aztecs, it was the other indigenous tribes, filled with hate for each other.  He notes that if the Mayans spend all their time hating each other we won’t be ready when their own Cortez comes knocking.

Speaking of which, we cue to the SAMCROW, there has been a lot of talk about the war between the Mayans and the Sons of Anarchy in Season Four.  The San Bernardino charter talks about Montez being missing (we know he’s dead) and a potential battle with the Mayans. Some members want to fight, the president disagrees. It’s an unsettled issue. 

Back at the MC, one of the bartenders at the club leaves after being made fun of by members of the Yuma charter, eventually stumbling upon a mysterious container outside, surrounded by butterflies. We don’t see what’s inside just yet, but based on her reaction, a dead body seems like the most likely cargo.


The Reyes Brothers

Felipe pays a visit to the MC to see EZ. Let’s him know that someone came looking for him. EZ however seems to want nothing to do with his father and ignores him.

Angel pays a visit next and asks how long he intends to keep icing their father out. As they exchange pleasantries Angel implores EZ to improve his life situation – the loner bit doesn’t suit him. Even begs him to get a dog. Cue to the dog pound and we see EZ heeding Angel’s advice.


Lots of Pain

We then cue to Creeper.  He’s in group therapy. The first time he’s admitted he’s an addict.  He admits to struggling lately. Confesses to the group rather cryptically that when people do things, it changes them. And asks is there something wrong with the person or the group.  He’s befriended by a fellow group member. Seems to be the exact life-line Creeper needs currently.

Hank pays a visit to Alvarez, gives him an update on the status of the club. Alvarez is particularly interested in Bishop – and whether there will be any problems. Hank seems to think so. Hank implores Alvarez to lead the club, simply stating “they are in a lot of pain.”


Man’s Best Friend

EZ returns from the pound with a newfound friend. He manages to finally open the note his father left for him, which triggers flashbacks to his time in prison.

We then cue to Emily.  She seems to have relocated and is holding down a waitress job while living in a small suburban home.  One would think she’s in witness protection given the vast change from the Cartel days.

This kicks off the typical episode-ending montage, checking in with characters like Taza, Coco, Angel, all of whom are trying to move on from the past in their own ways. As it turns out, the bartender’s sister used to date the SOA VP that has been gunning for the Mayans.

Turns out what she found in the barrel was a Sons of Anarchy tag.  This can’t be good for the Mayans.

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