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Mayans M.C. opens with a young family enjoying domestic bliss, when suddenly Adelita comes upon the scene and puts the smack down on the parents killing them both and then taking the child.  Seems like one of the agents’ tasked with handling Adelita when she was in the custody of the Feds has been playing house with Adelita’s son. And so, begins “Death of the Virgin”.


Families Come In All Shapes & Sizes 

Over at the Reyes, Angel and Nails exchange potential baby names – Nails is into it. Angel not so much!

Meanwhile, Miguel Galindo is having his own bonding sesh with his little helper Tomas. They share tales of lost loved ones. We like on the lamb Miguel – he seems wiser and more caring in than during his cartel boss days.

We cue to Hope. She is struggling in sobriety and missing her own family – Coco. Vanessa Giselle plays Hope with so few words but with such visible emotion, so no more than a few words are necessary.

Across town looks like Creeper made progress with his new friend, as they have consummated the relationship. Go Creeps!!!!


New Couple Alert?

EZ pays a visit to the pound to visit Sofia, under the pretext of returning a leash, but he really wants to connect. He asks her out, before accepting Sofia cops to her background – how her drinking led to neglect of her daughter who ended up drowning on her watch. A heavy moment if there were one. She keeps it real – she’s got nothing to give EZ.

We then find Emily, whose thinks she’s being tailed. But in reality, has been got!  They take her back to her place to interrogate her. Seems like some private investigators were hired to track her in connection with the death of Marlon, one of her Agro Park partners. Emily cops to knowing him but has no knowledge about his death.

Cue to Emily’s better half Miguel. He talks with nun at the convent, who as it turns out is his aunt. He learns the story of how his mother came to the convent herself and learned she was pregnant with Miguel while there at the convent. It’s a sweet and touching moment. As noted, prior, Miguel on the lamb certainly has more charm. Guess that’s what near death experience will do to someone.  The moment is interrupted by Tomas’s father Martin, searching for Tomas who has gone missing.


Hope Goes All “Michael Douglas Falling Down”

We cue to Hope on the grind at her day job. In what is hands down the best scene of the episode, a difficult customer seemingly puts Hope over the edge and Hope has her Michael Douglas a la Falling Down moment.  Smashing the women’s eggs on top of her groceries. The “Karen” clearly had it coming and Hope will clearly lose her job over it, but damn it felt good to see. We can’t’ help but feel like she scored a big win emotionally.  Let’s be honest, haven’t we all wished we could do that on the job at some point?


Club Business

Back at the MC, Canche informs Alvarez that El Banquero didn’t deliver the last shipment. Retaliation for the killing of Randall in the desert. Alvarez advises they get through the night and reassess later. Meanwhile Bishop observes EZ glad handing and essentially being Vice Presidential with the other club members. Bishop is clearly salty at EZ’s ascension.

Later in the evening Alvarez holds a ceremony at the MC to honor those Mayans that fell when Mayans decided to take up arms against their fellow brothers and to put the past behind them.  Reminiscent of a Día De Los Muertos ceremony, it’s a symbolic and powerful moment that brings much needed healing to the club.

Despite, the kumbaya moment, after the ceremony, Alvarez and another charter President talk, and the same issue comes up – Santo Padre must go. Alvarez holds firm. The brother cryptically brings up Alvarez son Esai, and indicates what happened then, must happen again.

“It took 40 years to build this thing, you want to destroy it one night” counters El Padrino.


Cartel Business

Meanwhile El Banqueros sister is giving him the business. Stop choking of the supply to the MC, because it’s hurting their business. El Banquero isn’t so quick to acquiesce.

Over at the convent, the cartel gang returns with some devastating cargo. They drop the body of the young Tomas on the ground at the gates and he’s bleeding from a wound in his chest. This draws his father out, and the gang throws him into the truck and leaves. The moment clearly rattles Miguel. We may have a drug lord back.

We close where we open. Adilita now has her son back and is driving to an unknown destination she pulls over and lets out the biggest of screams. Meanwhile Nails is still debating baby names. And Angel still struggling to reconcile having a new family and losing his old.

Meanwhile, Sofia pays a visit to EZ’s trailer. This time its Sophia on the make and before you know it, the smashing ensues.  We knew this would happen eventually.  


The War Begins

Meanwhile we cue to Coco, who is up at the Mayans chapter in Oakland, he gives Hope a call. “Saw something beautiful made me think of you.” She confesses she needs help. Real help. She’s not doing well.  Coco responds, “I love you Hope,” to wit Hope responds, “I love you Coco”. It’s a tender moment and Richard Cabral and Vanessa Giselle do wonders with it.

Yet, this is Mayans MC, so you know it will be fleeting. Just as that tender moment closes, SAMCROW roles up on the club and takes out a boatload of Mayans, Coco is among the fallen. And so, closes “Death of the Virgin”.


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