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The first full first look at the Marvel’s Disney+ series Moon Knight dropped during tonight’s NFL Wild Card game. The series stars Oscar Isaac (Star Wars; X-Men).  Isaac plays Marc Spector, an ex-Marine who chooses the path of vigilantism upon being bestowed with the power of an Egyptian God called Khonshu. 

Moon Knight is one of the lesser-known characters of the MCU. However, this should not be interpreted to mean that the hero’s backstory is any less compelling or entertaining. You see aside from Spector’s extracurriculars as a vigilante, he’s also got to do battle several different alter egos including millionaire Steven Grant. As well as cab driver Jake Lockley.  The trailer leans heavily into this inner conflict showing Isaac struggling with the various personas. It all however appears to lead to creation of Moon Knight. The series also stars Ethan Hawke, whose name is not revealed in the trailer, but one can bet money it’s Moon Knight’s arch nemesis, Bushman.

Moon Knight is set to premiere in March on Disney+. Until then check out the trailer here.

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