The cutting Jade colorway is inspired by the Chinese art of cutting jade using diamonds. The story continues throughout the season with multiple colorways that are linked to the diamond.

Lebron X Jade basketball shoe

Off-the Court

Winning an NBA title is considered a distinction that stands the test of time like a fine champagne, hence the inspiration for – that’s right-a genuine cork version of the LEBRON X. Nike Sportswear said it is looking to bring a sophisticated edge to the shoe with premium materials and fabrication. Be forewarned fellas’ these kicks are intended for a night on the town and not on-court use, otherwise you’ll be sure to scuff these puppies up. When ‘LLERO got a look and feel for the shoe we thought it was just plain cool. Not yet available in stores, these bad boys will be rolled out in limited quantities in December.

Lebron X Nike cork sneaker 2

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