February 22, 2024

Another NBA season is about to get underway and with it comes another round of signature shoes from Nike and some of the most prominent NBA superstars in the league. First up is the LEBRON X Diamond Collection. Although Nike released the LEBRON X a few weeks back, they keep rolling out new models every few weeks. ‘LLERO was invited to view their current line and we got a sneak peak at future models and a few other surprises.

The Backstory

The line is said to be inspired by diamonds – how they’re made and their resulting beauty. The diamond served as inspiration because it is forged by time, heat and pressure. According to the lines makers although a refined diamond is beautiful, it takes work to get there and starts as a dull rock. Over time, it gains clarity and sharpens with multiple facets. Anyone that has followed James’ career can see the comparisons.

The Styles


If the back-story for the shoe weren’t enough, each colorway of the LEBRON X has its own meaning. The blue diamond colorway is symbolic of the blue tint diamonds gain from interaction with electricity, which can be paralleled to James’ electric style of play.

Lebron X Nike blue diamond shoe

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