Joseph Diaz Jr.

A baby faced bruiser is a familiar character in the world of boxing. This time around, it belongs to a fierce and hardworking boxer, Joseph Diaz, Jr., a California native who turned to the sport to defend himself against neighborhood bullies. But in the ring, Diaz took to the sport like a fish to water. After finishing high school, the 19-year-old wanted to turn pro to help his family financially. But his trainer (who’s also his father) convinced him to train for the Olympics first. Prolonging his quest for stability has worked in his favor. The Mexican American bantamweight fighter is the youngest boxer ever to qualify for the Men’s Boxing team. But he doesn’t doubt his skill and determination will make him a champ. “I know I can do it,” Diaz said in an interview with the Washington Post. “I know I can keep getting better and be a world champion.” If his amateur career is any indication Diaz will be a familiar face after the London games.

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