The 2012 Summer Olympics in London are about to jump off and unlike any other event in all of sports, the Olympics are an affair the entire world watches with vested interest. They bring drama – remember Paraguayan beauty Leryn Franco and the javelin? Trust us no one was watching the javelin; historic achievement – Puerto Rico’s male basketball team beating NBA players on Team USA in 2004; and even a golden boy in the form of Oscar De La Hoya poignantly winning Olympic gold for his mother. So what do this year’s games have in store? Who will be the next big thing? The Cinderella? Or who will capture that coveted Wheaties box? We have our eye on a few Latino athletes you should be watching at the Olympics.


John Orozco
Gymnastics is not the first thing that comes to mind when you mention the Bronx. But, 19-year-old Puerto Rican John Orozco from the boogie down is a favorite in the Men’s Gymnastics category at this summer’s games. Training since he was just seven, Orozco won his first medal at age eight and has dedicated most of his life to the sport. Coming from a family of gymnasts – brothers Erik, Manny and Jason all train and teach the sport – Orozco has been preparing for this summer by competing across the world and picking up accolades and titles along the way. Despite making it to Team USA, Orozco’s dreams aren’t limited to just the mat – he hopes to grace the silver screen and stage as well. “I love singing and acting,” Orozco recently told People magazine. He got his first taste of Hollywood as the star of the group Gym Class Heroes video, “Fighter.” Not a bad way to start out and London may be his biggest stage yet.

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