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The first look at Javicia Leslie as Batwoman has arrived.  You may want to give this latest incarnation a chance.  Here’s why.

When Batwoman debuted on the CW it was immediately pulling double duty. First, serving as the latest edition to the Batman canon. A high bar in and of itself. However, it was also the latest addition to CW’s Arrowverse. The latter brings its own expectations. Season 1 hit some high notes, but also some low ones. Watered down storylines, villains and the exit of leading lady Ruby Rose, who was Batwoman herself. As a result, one could not blame fans for souring on the show. And being skeptical of Javicia Leslie as a casting stunt. It’s not, and more importantly Leslie is not.

It appears we are going to get a whole new perspective on being a vigilante. First and foremost, we get our first person of color to don the cowl.  That itself is an achievement. However, in this day and age fans expect more. It appears they will get it. As Leslie notes, prior incarnations of “The Bat” came from privilege and wealth. Could a wealthy billionaire like Bruce Wayne, or his cousin Kate really understand grabbing groceries at the local bodega, taking the subway to work or street life in general? Not unlike Miles Morales Spiderman in the MCU. Leslie’s incarnation is a product of the environment she is fighting in and fighting for. In the current socio political climate its quite an interesting point of view to explore and Season 2 of Batwoman aims to do just that.

Don’t believe us, just check Javicia Leslie as Batwoman in the Featurette below.

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