Is now the time for a career change? Is this something that you have been mulling over for some time? Perhaps you have chatted to friends about it, perhaps you have put a few feelers out that you are ready for a change. But how will you know when the time is right? We’ve put together a few indicators that could mean that a career change is on the cards for you.

You are always waiting for the work day to end

Now, you might have accepted your fate, work is just not for you. You constantly watch the clock and look forward to your working day to come to an end. You live for the weekends, time to escape the 9 to 5. 

The problem with this is that you spend years of your life at work, so wouldn’t it be better to at least gain a modicum of enjoyment from it? Another career might satisfy you, it might stop that clock watching. If you hate your current role so much, what’s to lose really? 

You are forced to reevaluate your career

ometimes you are simply forced to reevaluate your career as things happen that are out of your control.

This is the most obvious time to start thinking about a complete career change. If you have recently lost your job or have had to relocate, you are going to find yourself back in the job market. This could be the right time to look into doing something completely different. 

Apparently, these are the best jobs in America, so you could take some inspiration from this list. Consider what you most enjoy in your current job, think about your hobbies and passions, imagine yourself in your ideal environment, and somewhere in amongst those you should begin to formulate your plan. You might need to retrain, but don’t let that put you off. Time spent training can be time well spent if it leads to a more fulfilling career that you then enjoy for a decade or more. 

You still have dreams of a different career

When you were growing up you and your friends probably had a list of jobs that you wanted to do. They were always the fun jobs, weren’t they? Things like footballers, games designers and rally drivers. It was never accountants, traffic lawyers and statisticians. Now, we are not suggesting that you still make a bid to become a pro-footballer, but perhaps if you have a career in mind that is realistically attainable, now is the time to go for it?

Few people have a clear idea of what they would love to be able to do for their day job, so if you do have that, surely it is worth pursuing it? It might be worth starting by trying to get some voluntary work within the sector to check that it really is all that you imagine it would be. If it is, then start making plans to train for it and make those applications. 

Life is too short to spend it in the wrong job for forty years. Switch your career if you are unhappy. 

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